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Several years ago I was living in Singapore and to this day, I cannot forget the impression I had when I first visited the Hawker stalls in Lau Pa Sat just a walking distance from Chinatown and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The sights and smells that both assaulted and at the same time enticed my senses were amazing. It takes some getting used to eating and enjoying life in general in the heat of Singapore, but if you love good food, you won’t be disappointed. From seemingly simple Chicken and Rice dishes to Chili Crab, it is a culinary playground. This first recipe is a tribute to the wonderful flavors of ginger and lemongrass, but with some hints of Japanese flavors like sesame oil to help intensify and deepen the taste. I will spend more time on the topic of Japanese Donburi (food served over bowls of rice) in future blogs, but for now, I hope you will enjoy the Southeast Asian flavors with gently pickled vegetables served over a steaming bowl of rice to get you excited to follow my videos, recipes and blog. In addition to my own recipes, I will share some favorites from other home cooks that bring amazing flavor and yet are not that difficult to make. Enjoy this weeks Recipe for Lemongrass Beef Bowl with Pickled Veggies.

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